Marriage Proposal

Congratulations, you've made it this far! Now it's time to POP the Big Question. Maybe you have an idea and don't know how to pull it together or maybe you don't even know where to begin. But that's our job to figure out! We will help you create a marriage proposal that your partner will never forget.

The process is simple:

~You answer a few questions in the form of a questionnaire.

~We will review and schedule an in-person or phone consultation.

~Based on your responses, we will create a marriage proposal experience for you.

~You will review the proposed experience add your input and make it yours.

~Then we EXECUTE!

~ We make all the arrangements!

~ You get your partner there, and the rest will fall into place.

~ Minimum 2-week planning period.

~The Planning Fee starts at $50. It does not include incidental.

~All incidentals will be included in your budgeted cost.

~ 50% Deposit of planning fee prior to planning. (Deposit is Non-Refundable)

"Bae"Cations & More Planning
Let's Get Away!
Let us help you plan the perfect overnight get away

The process is simple:

~You answer a few questions in the form of a questionnaire.
~Based on your response, we will plan a unique "cation"
~All "Cations" are overnight experiences within driving distance (200 miles or less).
~You will receive a tentative Itinerary, and information about your destination.
~ Experiences are created within 3 days (72 hours) after receipt of payment. (Optional Upgrades Are Available)
~ 1 Full week is needed to execute all arrangements and InLuck-Charms Deliveries
~The Planning Fee is $50. It does not include incidentals.
~All incidentals will be included in your budgeted cost.
~InLuck will make all reservations and arrangements.
~Upgraded options are available.
Your Romantic Concierge
Never miss a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion again!

Oops! You forget that birthday again! You can't even seem to wiggle that romantic bone out your body. We get it! We are all human. We can't-do everything! And being romantic just might not be your super power. But it is okay!! Choose InLuck! Your Romantic Mission Mavens to do it for you.  By selecting this options you can choose to opt into a wide range of services. Some examples are below:

~InLuck will send you scheduled text notifications prior to special dates.
~InLuck will send you (daily, weekly, monthly) reminders to be thoughtful.
~InLuck will make arrangements to send flowers, cards, creative gifts, etc. to your significant other.
~InLuck will create monthly date night experiences for you to share with your partner.
~The service is totally customizable.
~Keep in mind, the key to this service is quality (and making those romantic gestures authentic) 
~Subscriptions start at $2.99 per month
~Be sure to ask for more info.
Event Decorating
You bring the decorations! We bring the party!
Let us help you decorate your special occasion!

This service is prefect for the DO IT YOUR-SELFERS!

~We arrange a phone or email consultation to discuss your visions for decorating your event.
~You make all of the arrangements.
~You provide all of the decorations.
~Set-up fee starts at $100 (Decorating Fee)
~We will arrive at minimum 2hrs before the event is scheduled to begin the set up.
~You will be responsible for providing all supplies to the decorators before the scheduled time.
~Options are available to include take down & Clean-up
 ~ 50% Deposit of decorating fee is due prior to decorating. (Deposit is Non-Refundable)
~ Remaining Balance is Due the Day of your event.